RB Twin CAM Double CAS Bracket

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RB Twin CAM Double CAS Bracket (DBLCASRB)

This product allows you to run a mechanical fuel pump kit separate to a trigger Kit if you choose.

You also have the option of running a standard CAS or your existing aftermarket trigger kit the options are all yours with PRP.

This piece of CNC machined billet alloy is a nice addition to your expensive engine bay.

If you wish to expose your cam gears the bracket is very catching to the eye, comes in many colours
and also has the benefit of being able to adjust your cam gear without the removal of the crank angle sensor.

The bracket is made one piece to include the CAS sensor spacers, ensuring they are not lost or dropped while installing
the CAS sensor or aftermarket trigger kit

Works with all known aftermarket trigger kits and bolt-on upgrades as well as any OEM covers and or equipment

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