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Used by BAJA Champions, Dakar Competitors and Leading Off-Road Racing teams the world over. The AGB is the most relied upon and successful transmission in top-tier 2wd Off-Road Racing on a global scale.

APPLICATION: Off-Road Racing

Technical Details: 
Cast LM25 aluminum housing heat treated to T6 condition and stainless shot-blasted. Fully enclosed bell housing bulkhead for maximum rigidity. Innovative structural design provides extra ground clearance, Crownwheel can be mounted either side for mid or rear engine applications Torsional 300M input shaft
Shot peened gears, Albin’s Klingelnberg Palloid ring, and pinion heavy-duty constant mesh reverse gear Planetary diff for increased strength and traction. Variety of Bellhousing and Adaptors to suit popular engines Billet Machined side plates for extra strength Helical cut drive gears for maximum strength. The wide selection of final drive gear ratios available
Hydraulic slave cylinder included flat or convex throwout bearings available.


Available as Full synchromesh or Full Dog Engagement
Available in H pattern Shift or Sequential
Numerous ratios available
934 drive flanges standard; 930 and series 30 drive flanges available as
an option
Internal oil sprayer options
Powershift Air-shifted Sequential Gearshift kit
Torque converter option

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