How to Install Hi Octane Racing RB CAM Cover Baffles

February 20, 2020

Hi Octane Racing RB CAM Cover Baffles

Remove Cam Covers and OEM Baffles and steel mesh

Clean off off old gasket goo.  Lay the 2 pieces of foam supplied end to end.  
(See Picture Fig 1)

Use a thin smear of gasket sealer around the edge of the cam cover on the ledge.

Install the cam cover baffle and re install the bolts with thread lock, do not over tighten other wise you may break them.  

Remove the splash caps one by one moving them from the center to the back, you will also need to swap around the studs for them to mount to.  Refit the cam caps and torque to 9-12 NM as manufacturers specifications, refit the splash caps and torque to 9-12 NM 
(See Picture fig 2 )

Refit the cam covers using new gaskets

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